Electric upright bass

An double/electric upright bass range developed by Alan Hatswell.

Alan has been a bassist for more than 40 years and is able to offer the double bass player a selection of unique instruments that can make travelling a compact and light experience.

Bassix are the uk's premier makers of electric upright basses.
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The 'VOILA' carbon fibre reinforced composite travel double bass

The 'VOILA la Contrabasse' Carbon fibre reinforced composite travel double bass

Owning and playing a double bass has always had its problems, not because of the instrument's ability to deliver a wide range of tones and expressions but because it is so 'Damn Big' and generally quite fragile. How many stories have been told about players catching the scroll on a door frame and breaking the neck off their precious instrument?
Bassix have now developed a new concept in portable acoustic and electro acoustic double basses. Using 100% modern composites including carbon fibre these new basses are 3/4 scale (41.25 inches) but with slightly adjusted body proportions making a more compact instrument with all the feel and performance of a 3/4 bass.
Available in acoustic or electro acoustic form, the electro acoustic has built in dynamic sensors (8 pole) completely concealed in the end of the fingerboard with standard 1/4 inch jack out.
Primarily for pizzicato playing with the option of additional piezos for full arco response.
For travelling the strings are slackened, bridge removed from its adjustable pillars. When folded the neck is secured within the rear moulded channel. Release the strap and the neck can be returned to its original 'playing' position. Fit bridge and tail piece and tune to pitch. "VOILA" an instrument the size of a suitcase which can be packed into an optional fibreglass 'Clam shell style' travel case. The bass itself weighs a little over 11kgs and measures approx 102cm x 61cm x 23 cm folded. In its clam shell case it can be carried along with normal luggage in an airliner's hold without supplements or excess and oversize charge.
The surface of the instrument is a scuff resistant Polyester gel finish which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and if polished with any proprietary wax if required. Maintenance is minimal and similar structures from Bassix have endured many years of abuse sustained in travel.
The basic instrument starts from £1195 in UK and can be supplied to almost anywhere worldwide. Suitable for anyone who wants to travel with a modern take on Double Bass.

  • Notched fully adjustable endpin for security.
  • Hand cut Maple Bridge with built in foot adjusters.
  • Full instructions in paper and video form by way of DVD.
  • The bass can be supplied in almost any colour at no extra cost and string options are available.
  • Clam shell style travel case made from extra lightweight 'Corcell' structural foam (as used in many racing and ski boat bottoms) which is then skinned in Woven Glass fibre. These cases are hand formed and fitted with over centre catches.
  • Various factory options include string choice and a range of pickups.
  • Standard high quality padded gig bag £125.00.

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